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Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

Hey! It’s your favourite boxer here. Just chilling. Won’t be on much though we can catch up on discord.


Ellie’s gone now · 11:46am Dec 17th, 2017

So you all know that I posted the other blog about Ellie earlier well the time has come everypony she has to go to heaven now I took her to the vets this morning and gave her a shot RIP Ellie I love you and please PM me for the whole story on what just happened.
P.S. I’m very heartbrokened now. 😭


Friends? · 8:57am Dec 14th, 2017

Does anypony want to be my friend? Here read my blog My Personality. If you dare!:pinkiecrazy: And please check my friends list to be on the safe side if you’re on it I know you’re my friend. :twilightsmile:🐶🐕 I tend to be busy so we might not talk that much but if you want to talk to me let me know. Well I wouldn’t say really busy I’m just too addicted to discord I’m on there all day so that’s where you can mostly find me at if you want to stalk talk to

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My OC · 10:29am Dec 6th, 2017

So this is my OC, Rainbow Light sadly she doesn’t have her cutie mark yet but if you read my story that will be published soon also written by, PixeMoon now I’ll tell you about her.

Name: Rainbow Light
Age: 11
Grade: 5
Type: Pegasus

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What I thought about the movie (spoiler) · 8:11am Nov 5th, 2017

It was fantastic but I didn’t like it when they jumped over straight away to the conclusion it was very nice love the challenges you gave the ponies I really loved the song and animation and Pinkie Pie was really crazy than usual in the TV show like seriously, what’s wrong with her? It could of been better but I loved it!


Ultimate Dog Tease. So funny! · 2:42am Oct 29th, 2017

Trust me you’ll never stop watching this video and good to watch when your feeling sad.


For PixelMoon! · 11:36am Oct 26th, 2017

P. Protective
I. Intelligent
X. (don’t know)
E. Eager
L. Loveable
M. Most amazing friend
O. Outgoing
O. On task
N. Nature loving person


For RainSpirit18! · 4:07am Oct 22nd, 2017

R. Reliable
A. Amazing/Awesome
I. Intelligent
N. Nice
S. Supportive
P. Peace
I. Imaginvite
R. Responsible
I. Idealistic
T. Terrific

Please follow her she is so amazing the amazing BFF I loved for years! If she wasn’t here right now I wouldn’t be this helpful at all!


My favourite friends to least · 10:23am Sep 20th, 2017

1. PixelMoon, Peppermint Frost
My two BFF’s who never let me down and they’re mostly the one’s who make me happy brightens up my day and life if it wasn't for them I wouldn't even be really confident and kind right now.
You should definitely follow them they’re really kind also, Peppermint is my editor and they’re supportive always up to comment on my blogs. Me and Peppermint have a great time chatting on discord and we all love helping each other. I just can’t pick between these two.

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Do you want fimfiction to stay alive and keep it going forever? Then join this group · 11:11am Jul 21st, 2017

Do you want fimfiction to stay alive and keep it going? You must join this group to get this group started please keep it alive and letting fimfiction go forever so come on everypony this is a must group join for everypony here's the group name: [FPS] FIMfiction Protection Society.
So come on everypony and join this group today created by Sketch Leaderboard.