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Cutest Boxer Dog Ever

Hello. I'm an Australiaian Boxer Dog. Please adopt me. I'm really cute. I love My Little Pony. You can ask me any questions about fimfiction, woof! And I'am a she in real life.

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  • Saturday
    100 followers let's celebrate!

    Let's celebrate with my favourite pony, Rainbow Dash!

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  • Wednesday
    My favourite friends to least

    1. Pinkie Clouds
    My BFF who never let's me down and she's mostly the one who makes me happy brightens up my day and life if it wasn't for her I wouldn't even be really confident and kind right now.

    2. JediMoonstar
    Love the photos and videos you send me what a lovely talk we have together.

    3. TwilieTheFoal
    A good friend who helps me inside my groups that she joins and always make my groups better.

    4. Garlic Ghost

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  • Wednesday
    I need an vice editor!

    Ok so Peppermint frost is my editor so I just want a vice editor just in case we miss any punctuation.

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  • 1 week
    So what did you do at camp?

    So we went to New South Whales. When we got to the camp we had to bring all of our luggage down the hill it was just a little bit tiring. Then we went to our cabins and put our luggage and stuff there and we had to set up our beds. Then when we got out of the cabin we had to line up for our morning tea. We went inside the dining room and hanged our tea towels. Then we went to table 1. I was sitting next to my BFF, KunamaWindrider. I had biscuits and water melon. When we were finished eating we

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  • 3 weeks

    If anypony wants to be my friend feel free to ask me I’am happy to make new friends. And you can join my groups that I want users to join just check my blogs it's the one that says about me and in the FORUMS they have ____________ it's a surprise.

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To many friends! I have to make a list of friends!

Pinkie Clouds
Garlic Ghost
Sparkling blaze
Silent echo

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My personality · 7:21am July 6th

Hello there this is my personality I have a really good sense of humour, I'm always hungry, I'am a tom boy but I'am a girl, I'm mostly like Rainbow Dash I can do her voice, I have a little brother, I was born in Australia, I'am half Australia and half Philippines mostly Australia because I was born in Australia at Queensland in Brisbane city, I'am a really good friend, I'am a My Little Pony lover and loved it since it came out 2012, I'm funny, always try to be the mane 6, always try to follow

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100 followers let's celebrate! · 3:13am Saturday

Let's celebrate with my favourite pony, Rainbow Dash!

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Thanks for the follow!

Yes but I can go anywhere I want to go.

Cool are you house trained?

Glad you noticed, I made it myself. :P

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