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I'm like the union of Nightmare Moon and Fluttershy.


No more anything, it feels. · 3:13pm Aug 24th, 2013

I'm sorry to anybody who asked me to help with editing, or anything related to it. I haven't been on Fimfic in... I don't know how long.
Long story short, I've been taking care of my parents, and couldn't put anything up because of parental controls.

Again, my apologies, but life happens. Maybe a bit too often.

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Murphy's Law · 6:32pm May 24th, 2013

...did not happen to me exactly how anyone would think: rather than the worst possible thing happening, the worst good thing happened.
My wireless is back, but the computer I use at night can't detect it, so basically I'm still limited in editing abilities. Not editing is getting boring...

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I got Dead Again... · 10:39pm May 13th, 2013

Our internet died, so I have no real time to do anything (one hour at the library is barely enough for four papers).

Why does this feel like a recurring theme?

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1 Year · 6:23pm May 1st, 2013

So I've been on here for a year now (slightly longer; I was on for ~two weeks before the account) and have yet to seemingly do anything of import. :yay:?

I guess if anyone has any random-but-somehow-relevant questions, I could answer them, seeing as I can't think of anything special.

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I'm back...? · 4:21am Apr 8th, 2013

I'm finally able to actually spend time on Fimfic (etc.) rather than homework! I would have aid that a week ago, but my parents decided to remove our router for a week (which I question the sanity of, what with my brother taking college online).

Regardless, I'm sorry about the elongated unofficial unwanted hiatus, but that's over, and hopefully won't start again. Not that anyone will notice that I'm back...

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