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Splash Surfer 216

Hello or aloha! I’m SplashSurfer216, I’m born with Asperger’s syndrome, and am just a guy with big ambitions and writing happens to be one of them!


I’m impressed. · 1:40am Feb 6th, 2018

15 comments on my story already? I’m impressed guys. Accusation fics are more popular than I thought. Now if only someone would comment more on ROTSE. Seriously guys, no one’s commented on that since July! And I just updated last month! Geez!

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Eeesh... · 1:01am Jan 28th, 2018

Okay, it’s only been a few weeks since I uploaded chapter 1 and while I’ve gotten some views, no one’s commented! What wrong with it? I thought I wrote the best I could. I don’t mind constructive criticism guys. What’s going on? :applejackunsure:

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My first day on FimFiction · 6:02pm Jun 23rd, 2017

Hey there guys, it's great to be finally logged on here, but does anyone know how to edit the About page? Let me know, have a lot to do before I write my first story.

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