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What happens when the darkness in someone's soul, drawn forth by envy and anger, billows forth, drawing the attention of beings far more dangerous than this person? It is always possible that what one person sees as darkness is covering what people see as something far more startling and powerful.

What path will they walk, darkness, or light? It is their choice, though it can be swayed by those around them. The past and the present walk hand in hand, for one is shaped by the other, yet the future is unwritten.

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Little did I know what I was getting into when I went to the Denver Morphicon dressed as Lord Drakkon. I knew there were others who had cosplayed as the infamous “Dark Dragon” though not in the same way as I was.

Of course, I'd heard of the so-called 'odd disappearances' at the conventions, but this one isn't a comic or anime convention, so I should be fine, right?

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