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Fanfiction.net Sucks and a HUGE thank-you! · 5:51pm Aug 26th, 2014

Hey guys, just wanted to thank each and every one of you that have been favoriting or watching me lately. I guess I hit something pretty unique with If There's a Reason and ever since I uploaded it I've been getting notifications about more and more people favoriting it, favoriting my other stories, and earning new Watches. It really really boosts the confidence I feel about my stories, and I'll

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Wanna see my other Projects? Maybe something to listen to?

I'm currently half of an electronic duo called Doorstep Kingdom. Half of the music is written by Edward the Selector who head the Palm Village name (who is not a Brony, hahaha he kind of hates it....) and me Leslichu!

Check out this little ditty if you are interested, I call it Beneath The Sand is Home

Or maybe you want something specifically MLP-oriented and written by me:

If you want something free, be sure to download Sit, Stare & Wait, my first EP which contains two tunes that made it to Equestria Daily!

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A hack like me? Lol you make me blush

Yoooooooo! Misssseedd yooouuouoouu!

2325701 I understand, life comes first. :pinkiesmile:

Just glad to know that this story isn't lost. This fic is definitely one of my favorite Flutterspike ship fics.


I want to finish it, so thats what Im clinging to. Owning my first apartment and trying to live as an adult was tougher than I expected.

But yeah, its still in my thoughts and I definitely have ideas on where it should go


I appreciate the attention!

And yeah I really need to sit my ass down and finish my stories. As a matter of fact I'm asking another author if I can guest write to finish one of his stories.

Life just kind of pushed all my hobbies to the side. I definitely want to finish A Small Change at some point because I was just so fond of it.

If you still dig on my tunes, I've made some new stuff recently :)

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