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"I heard you talking through the walls late last night, there are no ends just grays and half-lives..." - EDEN, Forever//Over

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Hello there.

I'm a cynical being ruled by procrastination, paranoia, and many other words starting with the letter 'P.' I specialize in writing things that I have very little knowledge about. But that's okay because that's what research is for.

I hope you enjoy whatever it was you're here to enjoy.

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x · 11:38pm February 7th

And that I gave it hell

And if it hurt, oh well

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Hey, thanks! ^^
Sadly I've removed most of those stories because of me not being happy with them, but there will be a new, long one going up within the next few months.


Why not?

But seriously, I think that the whole concept of technology in Equestria is something that's often overlooked but has a lot of potentials. I think you've encapsulated these elements pretty well in your work. Keep it up!

May I ask why? :duck:

Just noticed a few Owl City references in your stories :D

Hey! Thank you kindly for the follow. :twilightsmile: I'm afraid I won't be writing much these days, but may I ask how I earned it?

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