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Wherest thou hast gone? Silly filly, we are thee Luna of thee Night. Welcome to our domain, little one.

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I'm here for you, Adorkable! The least I can do is make you at least a little happy.

I've been fighting a sense of depression lately, I have a hard time talking about it. But at times I feel a sense of dread and as if I've become numb. I just feel like shutting down, right now it's passing a little more.

But I do have my moments of just, wanting to give up.

Are you okay? I'm sad if you're sad.

Busy and a little at edge with myself.

Kind of had a slump in my emotions, feeling a slight bit depressed.

But overall I'm ok.

So how have you been?

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NOTE TO SELF: Commissions Due

Blackblood- Luna, Fluttershy, his OC (held off until he pays)
Adorable Sunshine- Her OC; white unicorn with purple curly mane and braces and cat glasses.
Semptember Moon: hair to be a light and scruffy dirty blonde
His coat to be a gingerbread, pecan, walnut, caramel, or tawny brown.