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  • TDisequilibrium
    An evil forces takes over Equestria and princess Celestia is one of the only ones to keep sane, her and her loyalest subject; Rainbowdash
    Jera_Sparkz · 1k words · 97 views
  • TForbidden
    Twilight has more physical changes when she transformed into an alicon, she developed new ways of thinking, thinking about ponies, about Rainbow Dash. A couple years later and Twilight has a spell in mind that could impress her...but it's dangerous.
    Jera_Sparkz · 1k words · 250 views
  • ESomething Small
    Twilight and Rainbow spend more time together when Twilight realises that she plans certain days of the month to spend with her other friends but hadn't made any arrangements to spend time with Rainbow Dash. Things can only get better from then.
    Jera_Sparkz · 5.1k words  ·  17  6 · 502 views

Equicity · 1:00am January 13th

Equicity (which most will recognise is just equine and city mashed together) is a story that I have been developing for eons now and it is, I guess you could say, and alternate universe to mlp, however none of them share any names with the cast of mlp, I was wondering if this would be the place to up load it as I already have the first couple chapters complete, what do you think, would you like to read it, if I'm met with a positive response then I will release more information about my

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Those are very unique and interesting ideas, it would be hard but I think I can work with it, I may already have some ideas

I’ve got your message... and here are some ideas that I’ve been thinking but never got a chance to actually write down.

Human, tragedy, NOT crossover
Original characters ONLY, dark, romance
Rainbow Dash, Princess Celestia, anti-utopia


aw shucks, thank you :twilightblush:

Thanks for the awesome stories, I don't know how you do it but you breath life into every word you write. Following is the least I could do for such an awesome, inspirational person.

Thanks for the follow! :eeyup:

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