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My name is ArtistFire, I have cerebral palsy and I very often have spasm attacks, which means my body will tents up!! Please do not feel bad for me. But irl I do not have spasms

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I did have a lot of fun

Hey, was a pleasure to meet you and your dad at galacon, I hope you had a lot of fun:twilightsmile:

And thank you for the favorite on Cold Steel. It's... not a very happy story, is it? :twilightsheepish:

I actually follow everyone

Thank you for the Watch. Have one back! Can I assume it was The Taste of Cold Steel that roped you in?

- Quillian B. Inkheart

Glad you liked Fluttershy's Iron WIll... It empowers her, doesn't it? I think it was a very natural outgrowth of her character - she is no pushover!

Well - nothing wrong with that! Thanks for letting me know...

For your information I am not a guy

Thanks for the follow, sir. It's most appreciated!

Thanks for the follow. I appreciate it.

Hi, thank you for the follow. It means a lot.

You're welcome 😊

Thanks for adding Spring Has Sprung to your favorites. :twilightsmile:

mmm. Your follow pleases me in so many ways.

  • Viewing 472 - 491 of 491
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    Don’t bother

    Don’t even bother messaging me, because I’m leaving for a bit, feel like I have nothing to gain anymore. Goodbye

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I have way too many OC’s to name.

Let me name a few.

1: ArtistFire

2: Heartbreaker

3: Jerry ( human OC)

4: James ( human OC)

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