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Forgotten Friendship is here! · 7:15am February 18th

I just watched the episode of forgotten friendship equestria girls and I got a new idea for a story! NO SPOILERS. Plus go ahead and watch the episode it is so good! Also new character, WallFlower!

Follow up links here

50 Facts 'bout me

1. Q- Country I live in? A- New Zealand.

2. Q- Favourite place in New Zealand? A- Wellington.

3. Q- Which country do I wanna go to in the future? A- Italy Venice.

4. Q- Favourite animal? A- Snow Leopard.

5. Q- Favourite food? A- Sushi.

6. Q- Have I been overseas before and where? Yes Australia Sydney, Gold Coast Brisbane, Adelaide. USA Florida , LA, New York. Fiji Suva. Samoa Apia.

7. Q- Favourite singer? A- Taylor Swift.

8. Q- What type of tech do I have? A- Apple MacBook, iPhone 7, iPad Air, Apple TV.

9. Q- Favourite TV show? A- Tanked on Animal Planet.

10. Q- Favourite movie? A- The Justice League Part One 2017.

11. Q- Favourite subject to learn? A- Maths.

12. Q- Favourite hobby? A- Art

13. Q- Favourite MLP Ship? A- SOARDASH

14. Q- Favourite Colour? A- BLUE

15. Q- Favourite Youtuber? Jake Paul

16. Q- Favourite pony on MLP? A- Rainbow Dash

17. Q- Why did I ditch 'Day' in my username and replaced it with 'Galaxy'? A- Because it sounded way cooler

18. Q- Why did I recently take out BL4Z3? A- Sounded lame.

19. Q- Do I wish I had a dollar sign in my username? A- Yes I do.

20. Q- Why is there 'Axy' in my user name? A- Well Axy is kinda for me a short just to Galaxy and I figured that 'Star Galaxy BL4Z3' sounded way to long so I snipped a few edges.

21. Q- What have I failed in as a hobby? A- Sewing, I pricked myself with a neddle once. ONCE!!

22. Q- Second best hobby? A- Cooking!

23. Q- When have I made a mistake on FimFic before? A- My last story 'Monday Rules' which was a total bummer because it was randomly written at midnight to 2am in the morning and I had no editor and I was pretty tired there were bags in my eyes and I posted it in the wrong folder and OMG it was a disaster and I did read it so many times and I over tiered myself. And I regret I should've written it in the morning but I'm making no changes now.

24. Q- Favourite Marvel movie? A- Thor: Ragnarok. Its to rich I was laughing in the whole movie.

25. Q- Favourite side characters in MLP? A- The Wonderbolts.

26. Q- Favourite Princess in MLP? A- Princess Luna

27. Q- Favourite sport? A- Basketball.

28. Q- Am I a girl or a boy? A- Girl duh.

29. Q- What type of watch do I have? A Baby-G watch.

30. Q- My emergency word? A- Lightbulb

31. Q- Can I do nicknames with my username? A- Yes. Star, Stary, Axy, Axe, Blade, 43, BLZ.

32. Q- Favourite super villain? A- The joker.

33. Q- Favourite cartoon apart from MLP? A- Scooby Doo Where are you?

34. Q- Am I a big fan about Fashion? A- YES!!!

35. Q- Least Favourite MLP Ship? A- AppleBurn, ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE COUSINS I MEAN WTF

36. Q- Weirdest Ship ever for me? A- CelestiMac. I honestly think its kinda weird I get LUNA though.

37. Q- Favourite season in MLP? A- Season 4.

38. Q- Favourite episodes in MLP? A- Newbie Dash, Twilights Kingdom Part I, II

39. Q- Favourite reformed villain? A- Temptest Shadow.

40. Q- Do I like video games? A- YES!!

41. Q- Do I like cute things? A- Yes/No

42. Q- Latest time I've gone to bed? A- 3am in the morning.

43. Q- What cultures am I? A- Half Indian, Quarter Maori & British.

44. Q- DO I act more British, Maori, or Indian? A- Honestly thats a good question.

45. Q- Do I have a husband? A- NO

46. Q- Am I dating? A- NO

47. Q- Do I have a crush? A- NO

48. Q- Why don't I have a love life? A- I DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN!

49. Q- Do I have a fav story on FIMFic? A- All stories are good I DUNNO!!

50. Q- Did I answer all of these honestly and correctly? A- Yes I did.

Updated on December 4th 2017

Fav ponies in the show

These gifs are not owned by me they art from Botchan-MLP

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Merci beaucoup for adding Capt. Mommy to you library. What about it did you enjoy?

Thanks for the favorite. I really appreciate it.

Thanks so much for the watch!

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