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Do not fear, For I have a editor

During the editing process or me writing a story sometimes this can happen.

BatLover: Hey Star, you ok?

GalaxyStar: Oh me, tots like why do you ask?

BatLover: You look a little, how do I say this. Bleh

GalaxyStar: This is how I always look Batty. (Smiling creeply making the table tip in the photo)

BatLover: Uh-huh. Ok. TAXI!!

But don't worry, things turn out well in the end. (In BatLovers opion not. She wrote this on my page and I gave her permission because we met up a couple of times)

50 Facts 'bout me

1. Q- Country I live in? A- New Zealand.

2. Q- Favourite place in New Zealand? A- Wellington.

3. Q- Which country do I wanna go to in the future? A- Italy Venice.

4. Q- Favourite animal? A- Snow Leopard.

5. Q- Favourite food? A- Sushi.

6. Q- Have I been overseas before and where? Yes Australia Sydney, Gold Coast Brisbane, Adelaide. USA Florida , LA, New York. Fiji Suva. Samoa Apia.

7. Q- Favourite singer? A- Taylor Swift.

8. Q- What type of tech do I have? A- Apple MacBook, iPhone 7, iPad Air, Apple TV.

9. Q- Favourite TV show? A- Tanked on Animal Planet.

10. Q- Favourite movie? A- The Justice League Part One 2017.

11. Q- Favourite subject to learn? A- Maths.

12. Q- Favourite hobby? A- Art

13. Q- Favourite MLP Ship? A- SOARDASH

14. Q- Favourite Colour? A- BLUE

15. Q- Favourite Youtuber? Jake Paul

16. Q- Favourite pony on MLP? A- Rainbow Dash

17. Q- Why did I ditch 'Day' in my username and replaced it with 'Galaxy'? A- Because it sounded way cooler

18. Q- Why did I recently take out BL4Z3? A- Sounded lame.

19. Q- Do I wish I had a dollar sign in my username? A- Yes I do.

20. Q- Why is there 'Axy' in my user name? A- Well Axy is kinda for me a short just to Galaxy and I figured that 'Star Galaxy BL4Z3' sounded way to long so I snipped a few edges.

21. Q- What have I failed in as a hobby? A- Sewing, I pricked myself with a neddle once. ONCE!!

22. Q- Second best hobby? A- Cooking!

23. Q- When have I made a mistake on FimFic before? A- My last story 'Monday Rules' which was a total bummer because it was randomly written at midnight to 2am in the morning and I had no editor and I was pretty tired there were bags in my eyes and I posted it in the wrong folder and OMG it was a disaster and I did read it so many times and I over tiered myself. And I regret I should've written it in the morning but I'm making no changes now.

24. Q- Favourite Marvel movie? A- Thor: Ragnarok. Its to rich I was laughing in the whole movie.

25. Q- Favourite side characters in MLP? A- The Wonderbolts.

26. Q- Favourite Princess in MLP? A- Princess Luna

27. Q- Favourite sport? A- Basketball.

28. Q- Am I a girl or a boy? A- Girl duh.

29. Q- What type of watch do I have? A Baby-G watch.

30. Q- My emergency word? A- Lightbulb

31. Q- Can I do nicknames with my username? A- Yes. Star, Stary, Axy, Axe, Blade, 43, BLZ.

32. Q- Favourite super villain? A- The joker.

33. Q- Favourite cartoon apart from MLP? A- Scooby Doo Where are you?

34. Q- Am I a big fan about Fashion? A- YES!!!

35. Q- Least Favourite MLP Ship? A- AppleBurn, ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE COUSINS I MEAN WTF

36. Q- Weirdest Ship ever for me? A- CelestiMac. I honestly think its kinda weird I get LUNA though.

37. Q- Favourite season in MLP? A- Season 4.

38. Q- Favourite episodes in MLP? A- Newbie Dash, Twilights Kingdom Part I, II

39. Q- Favourite reformed villain? A- Temptest Shadow.

40. Q- Do I like video games? A- YES!!

41. Q- Do I like cute things? A- Yes/No

42. Q- Latest time I've gone to bed? A- 3am in the morning.

43. Q- What cultures am I? A- Half Indian, Quarter Maori & British.

44. Q- DO I act more British, Maori, or Indian? A- Honestly thats a good question.

45. Q- Do I have a husband? A- NO

46. Q- Am I dating? A- NO

47. Q- Do I have a crush? A- NO

48. Q- Why don't I have a love life? A- I DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN!

49. Q- Do I have a fav story on FIMFic? A- All stories are good I DUNNO!!

50. Q- Did I answer all of these honestly and correctly? A- Yes I did.

Updated on December 4th 2017

Fav ponies in the show

These gifs are not owned by me they art from Botchan-MLP



Hey · 1:02am Last Wednesday

Hey . guys, I'm not going to be on FimFic for a while cause I have Xmas plans but the stories will be completed pretty soon and yea. So just please don't ask but thats really all I've got to say but I'll try and get a chance to go online as soon as possible.

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Xmas Project

XMAS Special Project

Hey guys, this page will take you over to my XMAS specail f[project I am currently working on. So some stories will appear on here and this ends on December 31st 2017. I have two of my online friends BatLover and my new one SunsetFall who is helping me with these. PinkInk who used to be with me has left FimFic because MLP wasn't her type and I just me Sunset and I asked her if she'll help me out and agreed.

This page will be taken down on New Years eve

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Its a me GalaxyStar

Hey guys, I'm Galaxy Star known as a person who likes MLP and writes stories.
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