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So... guess what I'm working on finishing? · 12:28am Jan 28th, 2016

Go ahead and guess ;)

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Dude didn't your name use to be Clonetrooperkev? Why does it say NullifiedAccount now?

Comment posted by Coconut of Doom deleted Aug 31st, 2017

So, I was just going around reading shtuff randomly and I come here, and see the single most hilarious comment ever. "Mwap". Absolutely beautiful. Followed by "Mwap?" This is truly the epitome of conversational gold. I have no idea what it means, if there is any sort of context or not, whether or not there is anything at all to be gleaned from the wisdom that the two of you have brought to this site with this, but for some reason it is making me laugh my ass off. So, thank you. Both of you wonderful people.

I am going to put this somewhere and save it. Forever. Because I need to now. :rainbowlaugh:

2117123 nooo you find me

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