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First off, this story is a side story to the fanfiction piece on this site titled My Little Destroyermen: Walker on Water which is written by the The Atlantean Pony and has been approved with his blessing and thus it takes place in the same universe, which is the My Little Destroyermen universe, as created by The Atlantean Pony.

Twilight learns the reason why ships are referred to as 'she', not to mention finds out that souls of ships have their own lives and memories. After learning why ships are called a "she", the Princess of Friendship starts to wonder if other ships have souls like the first one she found out about that indeed has a soul: the "Wickes" class Destroyer USS Walker DD-163.

As Twilight will discover however, is that just like humans, lemurians, and ponies; besides having their own lives and memories, the souls of ships have their own demons and terrors that haunt them. But also their own relationships, ranging from simple friends to family.

Like My Little Destroyermen: Walker on Water, this story is a crossover with Taylor Anderson's Destroyermen Series of novels. Any criticism is welcome and I'll try my best to reply to any comments posted as fast as I can.

I will say right now however, that I am rather busy with other projects, not necessarily on this site, so as such updates will be sporadic. That said, enjoy.

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JSF F-35B Pilot, Captain Lisa "Sapphire" Johansson was shot down and killed by Russian Su-98s, at least that's what the records state. In all actuality that's not what happened, through seemingly divine intervention she wound up in Equestria, which happened to occupy a totally different dimension and was accessible by use of an extremely advanced and complex spell that was placed on amulets, allowing access through use of an incantation.

That divine intervention was in the form of two Wonderbolts, Spitfire and Soarin. The former was investigating the possibility of using areas of Earth that had little if any human population for training Wonderbolts. While Soarin had accompanied her up into the Great White North of Canada, in the year 2020. However it happened to coincide with the Russian Invasion of Canada to claim the oil sand deposits.

However, after rescuing Sapphire from her downed F-35B Lightning II, they discover that her injuries are incredibly severe and that it would be impossible to get her to the nearest town on Earth to receive medical treatment. They make an incredibly tough decision, one that changes Sapphire's life forever.

Despite the incredible change to both her physical body and species, Captain Johansson isn't about to let a second chance at life get away from her. After all, rarely do you get a second chance to continue living.

That is if she doesn't go insane from the daily insanity of a certain small-town near the capital of Equestria.

Note this is a crossover with the novel Tom Clancy's Endwar.

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