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New to writing and looking to improve my skills. I have some stories on other platforms I think might be enjoyed by the community as well,


Hiatus · 1:04am Aug 5th, 2017

Hey everyone, I am going to be putting "A Ray of Sunlight" on hiatus. While writing I realized I've written myself into a corner, and rushed it a bit as far as events go. I feel I've made a lot happen in too short a time, so I'm going to be making some changes, some big some little. This will also give me a chance to add in some scenes that upon initially writing I couldn't think of where to fit them. So new chapters too, yay! Again, I'm sorry for the hiatus, I just feel this will be best for

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Check out my Wattpad account · 3:03am May 25th, 2017

I have an EqG story on Wattpad. The title is "A Ray of Sunlight" it's a Twilight/ Sunset Shimmer story, but features other pairings as well.