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So I bought a new house, it was cheap and a good find with a lot of bedrooms. The only problem is that it is similar to Howl's moving Castle. The front door has a color selector and leads to a lot of different dimensions. The doors in my home lead to different worlds, all of this is because of some jerk named STB. So this is my life after I find out when I open my door to Equestria.

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This story is a sequel to An Eventful Evening

Rehearsals have filled the little filly's whole week and absorbed almost all of her crusading tine. Her sister hasn't opened her shop up in days but ponies still get their orders. Not even Sweetie Belle has seen a single strand of her sister outside of her work room. Whenever anypony knocks on the door the only response is 'Busy Darling'. Sweetie just wants to know who the pony is that likes her sister and she actually gets the chance heading to one of her practices.

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This story is a sequel to A Fabulous Day

Rarity just heard someone confess their love for her. Not only that they also asked her to the Grand Galloping Galla, the most prestigious event of all, as her date. Now the mare would be fine if it was a simple request from a stranger to be their date in a friendly manner. Even if they were a mare so as to not be there on their own. But to actually be the real date of a mare, not a friend at all... The confession alone made the fabulous pony of fashion faint onto the magical couch that appeared so she wouldn't hit the floor.

Now her friends are there to talk with her and see what happened. Will they offer her the right kind of advice or will they simply make matters worse.

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Rarity never has a dull day when she has the life she does. Her business is an on demand cycle where she can provide new fresh designs but then has to wait for ponies to order from her. Sweetie always finds a way into trouble even when by herself. Then there is a secret admirer who wants her so badly its obsessive.

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