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Hello all! I am Godzalis-of-Irithyll, and I am a lover of Fan-Fictions of MLP:FiM! This is the place where I come to read, write, and/or have fun! I can speak German, English, an a bit of French.


My Plight Against Myself. · 2:46pm May 8th, 2014

Here I sit, in my classroom. Alone, and dark in thought.
With fear, and anxiety, and pain in my heart.
But with my head, I thought not.
With no care about the world,
I gave up the will to fight.
But still, I live on.
Fighting against my plight.
Never having a day away.
Fighting a war, that I must light.
With the feelings I feel getting worse everyday.
My heart, I wish to keep pure.
But a sea of troubles is in my way.
With the anger I must stay,
Or mother goddess I might stray.

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Godzilla 2014 · 3:41pm Apr 1st, 2014

I'm so excited about this movie! One month, and sixteen days until Godzilla 2014 comes out! I can't wait, I wish I could see the movie right now! X3

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Blog Diary Eintrit, 1. · 3:38pm Mar 18th, 2014

Hello, I am just having a sad day today, not a bad, sad day. But one where I get to cry, and feel good about it. I love to cry, it feels like putting on a Band-Aid on a never healing wound. I am in school right now, and I broke down in tears. It started because I was listening to a few sad Doctor Who based songs, and I was feeling like I needed to. I didn't even CARE who saw me, I just sat there, tears flowing down my cheeks, and smiling, yet feeling like I was breaking down.

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