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Sanguine Dream

I write Characters, not Caricatures.


This world isn't as it once was. Humanity is no longer the dominant species on the planet. They now fear the Old World, knowing full well the destruction caused by their ancestors.
This is a world dominated by machines. Humanity simply lives in it.
Yet, even in such a world, some search for answers to questions better left unsaid.
Even in this, daily life is a struggle. A young mare and her human sister know this all too well.

Just a short idea that popped into my head. A Crossover with Horizon: Zero Dawn. Inspired by Tatsurou's PWNY-verse.

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio. (Remastered)

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This story is a sequel to Foxes and Dogs

Surely, things couldn't get any worse after a Tuesday, right?
Once the threat is dealt with, things calm down.
Yeah, not so much. Now Dustin has to deal with a Diamond Dog mine, Rarity's nagging, and Sweetie Belle.
And he only likes the last one.

Small scenes and/or short chapters written by Thadius0 and myself involving a certain Digi-Fox, his dealings with Dogs, Ponies and Digimon, and his life in general.
This will more than likely be an ongoing fic that will be added to as we come up with more ideas.

Tags: Profanity for Language. Sex for innuendos and needy female dogs. Violence for training and possible combat.

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This story is a sequel to Of Wolves and Rainbows

It's been three weeks since Octavia and Vinyl officially moved to Ponyville, and two weeks since Geralt Jameson took over the Ponyville Dojo.

Life in Ponyville is nice.

Geralt has taken on Rainbow Dash as his first student, though she's still somewhat bitter about her defeat. Guilmon is convinced that Geralt and Rainbow are Partners, whatever that means. Geralt also now has a job harvesting apples for Applejack when he's not training Rainbow.

Vinyl has gotten a job DJing at a club not far from the Ponyville train station. A job which she loves. Vinyl and Geralt alos are taking slow steps into something resembling a relationship. Despite their bravado and constant teasing, the pair are actually quite nervous about the very idea of a relationship.

Coriander, Saffron, and Alex moved down from Canterlot and opened up a restaurant across the street from Sugarcube corner. Business hasn't been better for the two ponies and the Akita.

This leaves Octavia. A cellist of some renown. She's played for weddings, social functions, and the occasional quartet concert. However, despite her contacts and the praise she's earned, she's had nothing for weeks. Money is no problem, she has more than enough saved. Though this leaves the mare feeling somewhat listless.

She simply... exists... Feeling aimless.

There is a part of her that hoped that Ponyville would be able to help her with this. However, not much has changed. Days consist of an hour of cello practice and..... not much else.

Today Octavia plans to go out, to actually do something for once.

This is a good idea. However there's one small problem....

It's Tuesday.

GodDamn! That long Description!

This fell into place while I was walking. I hope you enjoy.

Tags: Profanity for **********, and violence for Tuesdays.

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This story is a sequel to Tuesdays

Dustin simply wanted to get away from Manehatten, and the life he'd been all but forced to live there. He'd had enough of fashion for a lifetime.

Ponyville must be different right? It's more accepting, or so the papers say. The additional info of strange protectors also catches his eye.

Maybe things will finally calm down. Maybe he can start to have a normal life.

Nothing is normal in Ponyville.

This was Co-written with Thadius0.
I never expected to be approached by the same guy that wrote Headless, not Heartless. Yet a set of messages later, and this colab came together over Google Docs. This was an absolute blast to write, and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Tags: Profanity for Profanity, Violence for DODGE!

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This story is a sequel to The Akita and The Wolf

Geralt Jameson is having a great day. He made friends (with the potential for a marefriend), had a wonderful, if very late dinner, and even got to meet a Princess with very her own Digimon.

Now he's on a quest. A quest to accompany two mares to the town of Ponyville. Their quests? To find an affordable house or apartment, and to find a building that could serve as a restaurant for the pair of ponies his daughter now worked with.

Geralt's quest has an intriguing addition. For Ponyville has a Dojo, for what martial art he was not sure. The Dojo however does not have a master, simply a single member. If Geralt wishes to take this dojo for his own, he will need to defeat this Rainbow Dash.

Hey look a sequel. I hope this one is as enjoyable as the last.

Pre-reader: mattchilly.

Tags: Profanity for F***, Sh**, Etc., Sex for a wolf and a DJ annoying an Octavia (and Pinkie), and Violence for MORTAL KOMBAT!

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This story is a sequel to A Surprise for a Tatzlsus

Saffron Masala isn't having a good night. Her father wants to keep the restaurant open late, simply on the off chance that they can pick up a few ponies who happen to be out late. She knows that it's just an attempt to make ends meet what with where their located in Canterlot. However, she knows that this might not be enough to keep the restaurant open.

Vinyl Scratch also isn't having a good night. The club she'd just played at stiffed her on the agreed payment all because 'she didn't draw in enough ponies.' Her roommate Octavia has tried helping her feel better but nothing's working. Maybe some food will help. If only they could find some place still open.

This night is unique, for these mares are going to end up meeting some very interesting people.

This wouldn't get out of my head. I hope it turns okay.

Tags: Profanity for Guess, and Sex for innuendo and a wolf who knows how to court the ladies.

Part of The Digi-Verse.

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It's Scootaloo's birthday and you've been planning a surprise party for awhile now. All you have to do now is to make sure the aforementioned Tatzlsus makes it to Sugarcube Corner this evening.

However, there are a few small problems. You're a carb-devouring, fire-breathing, tamer-lacking, Guilmon who's a magnet for monsters, you live in Ponyville, and it's Tuesday.

This idea popped into my brain and it wouldn't leave. Enjoy my stupidity.
Pre-readers: Dragonfire2lm. mattchilly. Gnarl.
Changed to Teen from Mature after some consultation.
Tags: Death and Violence due to combat, Profanity for obvious reasons, Sex for innuendo and sexual conversation.

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Kali'fon Blazeweaver has had to deal with a lot recently. Being turned into the Zandalari Troll that she'd cosplayed as was a hurdle. As was having to make a home in a forest filled with wooden wolves, snake-chickens, and scorpion-lions. The worst however was the ponies. Turns out ponies did not react well to things that are new and different. So why was she here at a social gathering like the Grand Galloping Gala?

This has been in my head for a bit. Can't really remember what inspired it off the top of my head.
This isn't connected to the Nexus-verse.
Tags: Profanity for profanity

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Morgan never really liked moving. Yet the prospect of moving to a new world where people didn’t constantly stare at her (or silently judge her) was a an opportunity she didn’t want to pass up. So she packed up her very few belongings and started the tedious process of transferring universes. Now all she has to do is get through an interview with an orange pegasus filly. That’s not hard right?

Another in the Nexus-verse. Yet done in a slightly different style.

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Twilight Sparkle was born weak and frail due to her vast reserves of magic. Yet she has ways of overcoming her weaknesses. She’s the student of a Goddess and Death itself, and is the Element of Magic. She’s honestly a wonderful pony, that is if you can pull her out of her workshop.

Sunset Shimmer is the daughter of a Goddess and Death itself. Being one of the few naturally occurring Anthros in the world. That makes her more that unique. You’d think she’d be full of herself, with all the power she has at her disposal. Yet she’s quite a chill mare. Though she probably gets that from her father.

Spike the Dragon has never met his parents. Yet he takes after them to a strange degree. Most find him rather creepy or unnerving. It doesn’t help that he’s a snarky little dragon. Despite all this, beneath those black scales, is a passionate and protective heart. He’ll do anything to keep those close to him safe.

These are the tales, adventures, and day-to-day lives of these three. These Children of the Gods.

Set in the original I Am Become Death... I Am Eternal... cosmology, pre-rewrite. I’m just writing these for fun. They’re just going to be little slice of life stories.

Teen for possible sexual conversations and language.

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