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Controversial in more ways than one.


Picking the Brain of the Author · 3:14pm Nov 19th, 2020

Got a bit of time to settle for a QnA on my stories. Just to note, I will be tagging Why Do You Speak My Language?! in this blog, since that is the story I am currently focused on, so getting feedback on it is crucial to my development as an author. However, any story that I've written is worthy of discussion (even completed ones).

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About Me

I like to write a lot of HiE and I don't know why. Spitfire is my favorite character, followed by Soarin'. If you don't mind dropping high quality Spitfire pics on my profile, I don't mind. :)

If you like my stories, don't hesitate to drop a follow! I post quite a bit of blogs.

Now, pictures that will most likely piss off mobile users (sorry folks):


Another round of Wingdings and more! · 5:13am August 1st

Serious chapter update. Lots of plot to reveal. Also a Wingdings translator was finally added when it should've been added in the first place. Oops! Go take a look!

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Ayo man, thanks for the add! Means a lot comin from a cool homie like you.

I heard you were working on a story about language.:derpyderp1:

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