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hi, i'm kenzie, and i don't know what i'm doing

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i am back from an unintentional 3-year hiatus??? · 11:27pm Sep 10th, 2020

i am back??????

hi so i'm back and i'm even more depressed than before and that's okay BUT
i may or may not be rewriting/creating new stories so

seeya soon

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I gotta say your profile pic looks very beautiful.

Yes to donuts and candy. As for the green and purple, I dunno, she just chose those for some reason. And that is coffee that I am drinking. :twilightsmile:

Lemme guess

You like donuts,
is that soda?
And purple and green colors

I think

Well, I love your stories. They are soooo funny!

Also, your profile pic is awesome

Oh! Well I guess those comments are for me. I think you forgot to hit the reply to comment button. If you don't hit that first before replying it won't let me know you said something back. I just happened to check out your page again and see the two above comments. Don't worry though, I've done the same thing several times myself! :derpytongue2:

And thank you. I'm glad somebody finds my stories funny. And my avatar was drawn by my friend fluffysam. She based it on things I like.

Thanks for the watch!

Also, your profile pic is awesome

Well, I love your stories. They are soooo funny!

Thank you! For the follow, that is. May I ask how I earned such an honor? :derpytongue2:

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