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Story Commissions! · 6:24am Jul 20th, 2018

Alright so people don’t normally commission for something like this, but I thought I’d put it out there for anyone who may want to.

Eh hem, have you got a short story idea, but aren’t confident in your writing abilities? Do you have a picture you want a story to, but don’t want to write one yourself? Well then my services are for you!


Short (1-3 pages): $5

Medium ( 4-6 pages): $10

Long (7-10): $15

(Any longer, and exact prices can be discussed in notes.)

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Choose Your Own Adventure Type Thing! · 9:25am Jan 23rd, 2018

Hey everyone! So I know a lot of you have enjoyed my random giantess encounters in the Tales From Tinies NSFW Version, and in light of that I wanted to try something new. Basically, I'm gonna be doing a sort of choose your own adventure thing, where I write down the situation, and then you all decide what happens. I'm planning on doing a similar thong on my devianart page, but if I do it on their it obviously won't be MLP themed. Anyways, tell me what you guys think? Does this sound like

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New Story · 5:11pm Oct 19th, 2017

Hey everyone! So I decided to write a new story, and I need your guy's help. Basically, you send me a picture from the fandom you've always wanted to see a story written around, and I'll write one. Any pictures will be accepted, including ones featuring +18 actions like sex, vore, and other fetish stuff. But I'm also hoping to write stories based off of sweeter things, like a day where Dash and Scootaloo spend time together or something. If you have a picture, PM it to me and I'll get working

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