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Merry Christmas To All!! · 7:01pm Dec 24th, 2018

Welp, I dare say, I called it pretty good. Technically still one day to go until it is officially Christmas but still...I wished for 82 followers by Christmas and got-


That wish was scarily/luckily accurate!

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Rainbow Dash Facts · 1:22am Nov 29th, 2018

I was inspired looking at Chuck Norris facts. So I thought to myself, who would be the pony equivalent?

So here's what I came up with. :rainbowwild: Sorry if they're not any good (I'm tired), feel free to add your own in the comments below! :rainbowdetermined2:

1: Rainbow Dash gets calls from Iron Will when he needs motivation.

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Happy Thanksgiving! · 9:02pm Nov 21st, 2018

To all who read this, whether you be a follower or passerby, I hope you have yourself a Happy Thanksgiving! :pinkiehappy:

(Spike) :moustache: But what about the ones who don't celebrate? Or what about those souls in the future who're bound to stumble upon this and be on a totally different day? They'd be like - "Dude, Thanksgiving was 4 & 1/2 months ago...my man.

:raritywink: Then, I'm quite sure that they would appreciate the sentiment none the less. Don't you agree Applejack?

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Christmas Cheer Yo! · 10:10pm Nov 14th, 2018

I realize that my blog section is severely underutilized. So I somehow decided on making an early Christmas wish/goal for myself.

I do so wish that by December 25th I would have 82 followers.

Yeah, I’m not shooting for 100. That’s way too greedy. And for some reason 82 sounds like a good number. It feels right, anybody know what I mean? :moustache: Tis’ a manly number.

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Looking for someone to follow? Look no further! · 10:44pm Sep 27th, 2017

Hello, to anyone who bothers to read this! :derpytongue2: (bless your soul)


Here is a lass looking to get to 200 followers. So if you haven't yet, please go and do so. :twilightsmile:
And to all the future people, "if by now she has passed 200 I'm sure she'd still appreciate a follow...and who knows *you might get a cookie outta it."

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Umm, things. · 3:51pm Jun 12th, 2017

So quite possibly, due to my car being totaled , dog dying and health problems of my own all happening within 2 weeks I probably won't be updating my story Best of Friends for a little while. :rainbowlaugh: (I laugh at my misery) I'm just not feeling the vibe lately to finish Chapter 5, but I'm sure if I give myself a kick in da pants hard enough I'll find the gumption to do so somewhere. Though I may write some one-shots or the like. I'm kinda feeling like I'd do that. :pinkiesmile: Sorry to

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