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Hi there everyone, I'm just an average brony here. I mostly dabble in EqG fanfics. So stop by if you like EqG fanfics!

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This will be a follow up on my rewrite of my D&M series. I won't be rewriting that anymore. Instead, I'll be doing a different story that will take place in, you guessed it: Equestria Girls. I think I may just do straight EG stories from now on. Anyway, I just updated A brand new world, so be sure to check it out for ya' boi Phantom! C'ya people later!

Be on the look out everyone. Along with the uploads for the finale series of New guy at CHS comes the side story of this series called: The new guy's side stories! This series will follow any side routes that I didn't add to the final draft. This includes Cobalt's fluff time with his wives, his time at school, teaching at Starlight, and making amends with the girl whom was taken away when he lost to Brisk. I hope all of you look forward to it as I start to upload. I apologize for the lack of uploads. College has been a slight drag for me. Especially my 3 hour class on Fridays. Anyway, I'll be sure to see all of you in the next chapter of any of my stories!

I will be rewriting my Darkness and Magic series in the nearby future for it to make more sense, and less bad. It will follow a better story, and better, more interesting characters. However, it'll probably have some incest in it. So if none of you like that, just skip along past it. Also, I'm starting a new arc for A whole new world soon. I've already started writing it, but I've been slacking since I'm still on break. As for my series finale of New Guy at CHS, I'm rewriting that slightly as well to center it more around Cobalt's kids, Harmony, and Discord. Some crazy stuff is gonna happen... some... incestuous fluff may happen. Yeah, it's a guilty pleasure of mine. Alright, I know it's been a while since I've updated any story, but this break has been great for me. So I hope to see all of you soon in any other future updates!

I decided to revamp that series, sorry for not posting anything on my profile talking about it. I revoked the submission in order to make the story better, and make more sense without causing confusion with chapter deletions or new chapters that didn't follow the original plot. I'm taking a whole different path that will still follow Cobalt's kids and their endeavors. Again, sorry for the inconvenience, and I'll be sure to post it once I get around to it!

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