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16 year old Irish rebel in the works. Love Hie and to read a good fic. Feel free to PM me at any time


Feeling · 12:41am Jun 3rd, 2017

I'm starting to feel unmotivated guys ;-;

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2441477 ahh I see XD

2441476 I started this editing thing a week ago and had a conversation with him. Since i've been an editor ive edited 4 stories.(the only one i'm sure that i can say i edited is In Bello Praesidium because i'm sure the author won' mind. not so sure about the others

2441473 I'm guessing you know each other XD

what's up guys i see sornos is here what's up. It's a small world after all.

2441460 yeah I feel like mine is ether too detailed or too short and even then my paragraphing skills are quite poor

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Hi there. :) my name is Jamie and I'm a somewhat frequent user of this app.
Ihere are some facts about. Me you might wanna know

I'm sixteen
I'm a guy
I am 100% Irish 🍀
I love to read a good story and the odd one here and there
I'm extremely friendly so don't be shy to message me but just try not to get on my bad side, I has anger issues ;-;

Very simple I know but is anyone here really that complex XD

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