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I'm a Jordanian brony who likes reading about politics and current affairs, and I also like automobiles and I guess I like mlp?

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Twilight finds an ancient spell, she uses it, and most of the mane 6 get sent to the human world, and due to the spells "eccentricities" they are now stuck to the perimeter of a car, and only the car's owner can see it, and chaos ensues when some car guys start seeing pastel ponies out of nowhere.

edit 2018/07/10: changed rating to teen because I'm not sure if the violence in it is too serious for an everyone rating, btw it's not extreme violence or anything like that.

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This is an unofficial sequel to the Animation Equestria divided: Reunited by space oddpony,

Due to a last minute spell cast by Rarity ]in the nick of time, Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy did not die, but they must now act quickly to defeat the cult of laughter once and for all. They may have had their final stand but with the new spell and some help, they've now got only one more chance to stop pinkie and her cult of laughter so they can restore peace to the forsaken land that is now ruined by strife and civil war.

Although, the original animation is related to mortal Kombat, the actual story and animation has little to do with it, besides the mane 6 sharing some similarities with the characters in mortal Kombat, so it will not have a crossover tag
edit 13th June 2018: added a drama tag, removed mane 6 tag and added a Fluttershy tag.

check out his guy's animations, they're really good.

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Regular car reviews goes to review a Saab 900, but it's Twilight's Saab, and they're filming near the portal, this can only go badly.

For those that don't know, regular car reviews is a webseries to do with reviewing cars, with the occasional dirty humour, it's hard to explain, they have a tv tropes page I'll below along with the channel URL, rated teen because well, just watch their dodge avenger review.


Edit 5th june 2018: I added a random tag.

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