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Dawning Light, a young Alicorn stallion, only 7 years old, the only son of Princess Luna, is the only one next in line to the throne of the Night Colony, after witnessing his mother get banished to the moon before his eyes. But being only 7 years old, he struggles to keep the Night Kingdom under stable rule, even with help from the Royal Night Advisors. But is he stable enough to rule after being witness to his mother’s banishment at too young an age?

As he waits for a thousand years for his mother’s return, he does his best to keep himself mentally sane and to prevent the Night Kingdom from falling into shambles. But as he waits, the sadness for his mother slowly turns into fear, fear of being discovered by his Aunt Celestia and what she might do to him. Then the fear slowly turns into hate, hate towards Celestia, for what she did not only to his mother but her own sister. And then the hate, becomes anger, anger for what he felt that Celestia did was unjustified, corrupt, and........ evil.

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