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When life gives you lemons, don't make them into lemonade... you weaponize them...

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Perfect... just perfect...

That is a tough choice...

I'd have to go with... all of them, they're all too good, I can't just choose one!

Who's your favorite non pony species?

Hey, if it makes you happy, go ahead! I don't mind.

If people are happy, then I'm happy!

:pinkiegasp:Crazy Pryromanic would love that can I use that in my story PLEASE:pinkiehappy:.


Once again simple... you look for a way, or just stuff explosives into them, either way is fine.

But how do you weaponize lemons?


Simple... you look for a way.

How does one "weaponize" a lemon?

And thanks too, for favoring my story Twilight's World.

Thanks for the watch.

Thanks for the watch!

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