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Foggy Dreams

Just a reader with a large library! Feel free to look around (not that I could stop you anyways).


The Library! · 4:09pm Apr 18th, 2019

Hello everypony!
I've decided to go ahead and give a little warning for anyone perusing the Library that I have on my profile.
Even if no one ever does. :unsuresweetie:

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Library · 4:13pm Feb 27th, 2019

You know, when I first started visiting this website in 2015 or so, I never really imagined that I would read so much.

Silly, I know.

But it's come to the point where I have a little library full of fics from yon ages passed and from the featured box from a week ago. And I'm proud of it. Of all the stories, the (minuscule) amount of comments I've left over the years, and the LARGE amount of books I've categorized over the years.

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Okay, so... · 5:05pm Mar 27th, 2018

Er, here goes...

I've decided to actually attempt to spend more time on here.

I do like this site, and the people on it do tend to be pretty nice!


I'm gonna be writing some things on the side (don't expect anything soon....or maybe ever), about some characters and ideas I've thought about for a while.

I'm still gonna be mainly a reader, but I'd like to be a bigger part of the community.

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