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Listen to the voices - within their wisdom, you will find solitude.

I try

Write Together

As an aspiring writer and a hesitant socialite, I find my brain always spinning stories and longing for people to write them with. Writing with others is something that has always been a goal of mine. It is a fantastic way to connect with other people while improving one's own writing skill. So please, if you want to collaborate with me, PM me.

Also, no clop. I don't write clop.

Music I Listen to While Writing

Music powers writing.

"Um, cos this music can put a human being in a trance like state and deprive them of the sneaking feeling of existing 'cause music is bigger than words and wider than pictures.

Um, if someone said that Mogwai is-- are the stars, I would not object. If the stars had a sound, it would sound like this, uh, this-- The punishment for these solemn words can be hard. Can blood boil like this, uh, at the sound of a noisy tape that I've heard?

Um, I know one thing, on Saturday the sky will crumble "together" or something, um, with a huge bang, um, uh, to fit into the cave.

-- The Delgados


Good Vibes by Rebelution

I Don't Wanna Wait by SOJA

Fade Away by Rebelution

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley & The Wailers

Summer Nights by Iration

African Queen by 2Face Idibia

What people have suggested:
Finding Home by Zack Hempsey
Don't Get in My Way by Zack Hempsey
Yesterday by Nine Leaves
Bad Dreams by Nine Leaves
Tell the World by Lecrae
Petrified by Fort Minor
Let the Sun Talk album by MAVI
Tobacco Road by Common Market

PM or Comment to add more songs and genres!

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Hey thanks for the favorite for Life on the Murder Scene. Deuces!

Thanks so much for the watch!! :D

I meant to say it in my reply but I forgot lol.
So anyway... Thank you for the follow!

Thank you for the follow :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow!

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