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After watching another majestic night, Twilight is told to make a wish because wishing on a star always grants wishes. She refuses. After all, it's only an old pony's tale. Climbing into bed, she has a strange dream, yet little does she know, dreams are the desires and wishes of the heart. Upon her waking, she may just find that the stars are rather lenient in their rules and methods.

New installments are on a weekly schedule. Updates most likely to take place on Friday/Saturday CT. Occasionally I may do a surprise Monday update as well. Until then! Ciao and enjoy!

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Magic is a peculiar force. It lives in and through everypony, but none more so than Twilight Sparkle, the famous element of magic. In her mission to ascertain the true nature of magic and its most basic origins, she accidentally finds herself in a new plane of existence where light and dark are neither the same nor different. The world of twilight opens up to her, unleashing her true power and self. But in the process a shadow creeps forth, threatening to forever eclipse the land that is Equestria. What does it truly mean to be A Twilight Princess?

Cover Image by me.
-Hopefully it's not that bad. I don't usually do digital art. I'm much more fond of the pencil like my profile pic.

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