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Que Pasa? · 11:11am Oct 10th, 2018

It’s fine if you don’t know what the title means, but I thought a post would be good since I look like a dead author. Do note that Shapeshifter’s journey will be on hiatus until I finish a silly story.


I will however still work on it slowly but it will be on hiatus until it is my main objective again.

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Hiatus for a until I finish a summer project · 2:20am Aug 11th, 2018

The title is self-explanatory, but for more context, I've been putting off aa summer project due for my next year of school. I' like to focus on it for a bit. I don't expect it to take to long, maybe a bit over a week but if it does take longer, I'm just telling you guys first. I know I'm just terrible with deadlines but I confident this time.


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Sorry for no new chapters · 2:16pm Feb 25th, 2018

I lost motivation in writing the story for a couple of months but I've gotten back to writing since the beginning the January.I really rushed into the story when I first wrote the two first chapters so a lot of time is wasted on me just deciding his backstory and personality.Though I have idea how to subtlety write in a character's backstory and or how to make to create a react origin to them a coordinating to the event in the story but I'm making it work and learning new things. I really

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Slow updates on "A ShapeShifter's journey" · 12:04am Sep 13th, 2017

School year has started so expect slower updates.Though I hope to have chapter 2 out maybe in 2 more weeks.No promises.Progress is slow.

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