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Update on story progress. · 6:09pm January 9th

Finally got around to some free time for the story, since I finally finished a drawing that I had in the works of Chrysalis and New Year etc has died down fully. I hit kind of a writer's block at one point, but not quite for the usual reason. Lack of motivation was a part, but I had actually written myself into a corner. AKA I had no idea how Solar would survive what I had written. But on the other hand, that was kind of the point. There's a reason she isn't an all-powerful god or an alicorn or

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Damn, thats pretty good if it's all freehand, also i know what you mean about the mind thing :P Besides it really takes the creator to know what they want visually, after all you had the same image in your mind when writing the story so it would be easier to replicate than describe to someone else. Whenever I do that it always seems to go down the drain so I do a lot of things myself, be it making thumbnails, editing, drawing crude but correct characters (as in they're badly drawn but what I wanted) and writing, only asking others for help on grammar such as "thing1 was better than/then thing2" which I've found is than.

Oh yeah when I do pictures I only go for what I draw. I can't really trust someone else to know what I see in my own mind after all(mainly because I don't think they can handle my mind lol) but really I only go for my own work. After all I love to draw and I don't want someone else to have all of my glory jk. But I did freehand my drawings all of them

To be honest, I can't remember what the original looked like, although if it wasn't hand made (aka made by you) I'd keep this one, after all it would be a shame to waste good art.

Yes I did indeed. But I still need to know if this cover is better or if the original looked better

Oh yeh, I hadn't seen that looks great! Did you draw it yourself? (I would guess yes as your profile pic is in the same kind of style. :P )

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