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im not the best writer but im proud of every story i make some more then others tho

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Zoroark in ponyville on hold · 10:04pm June 1st

im putting my first story on hold until three conditions are met and they are 1 i decide where the story should go 2 i fix chapter 4 to where i dont have to face palm every time i look at it 3 i can get some chapters done in advance so that way i dont have to panic about the story as much if you have any questions feel free to ask other then that have a good day :pinkiesad2:

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well thank you good person

You are new, its nice to see new faces. I gotta say its been a while since I welcomed people to fimfiction. So welcome and if you already have one well the more the merrier

2447711 yea i figured but it was still worth asking tho a cammeo would still be nice :raritywink:

2447709 I already have the mastermind behind it all coming up soon in the story. I'm going to have to keep it a secret for just a few more chapters, sorry. :twilightsheepish:

2447707 no problem im really glad you contacted me i was thinking since you gave me permission to have the anthropoligist as a sequal to one of my stories i was wondering if Sida(main character of said story) was the master mind behind it all

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