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Review of Arcane Shadow by Dragonborne Fox · 11:57pm June 7th

I can hardly call what proceeds a review, but I will anyway. This story is like some others I have read: a whole cast of original characters blundering about in Equestria.

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I got another story for you, if you're so willing. It's a short one, so it should go real fast.

Sent you the pm.

2434945 That's what I meant. I've had people say they didn't like such-and-such, and so I ask them what the source of the issue was. Helps me determine whether it's my fault or they just didn't understand. Then I go from there with them and give them an example of the corrected section.


I only occasionally throw in actual writing tips, but I'll try to think of strategies that will improve parts I don't like, if I don't like something about the story.

The reviews are mostly meant as another perspective that will provide you insight into what a reader might be thinking while reading your story. Mostly I leave it up to the authors to extrapolate how to improve from there.

2434942 I did read, which is why I asked.

I don't fully know your range of judgment, so yes. It is a genuine fear of mine, and I'm honest with this thought. That being said, if I get both positives and negatives, that will certainly help me improve my writing style.

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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