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Review of Arcane Shadow by Dragonborne Fox · 11:57pm June 7th

I can hardly call what proceeds a review, but I will anyway. This story is like some others I have read: a whole cast of original characters blundering about in Equestria.

I stopped very early, maybe a few hundred words in. I simply don’t want to read this because I know I will not like it. It’s shown itself to be bad this far, and I personally do not want to waste time on this story because I can’t see me getting any enjoyment either from reading it normally, or even ripping it apart.

There is some “”””””””””””””banter“””””””””””””” that introduces us to the cast of characters in these frozen wastes and highlights their physical aspects. It’s not a bad idea actually, the execution is awful though. Feel unnatural as shit, mostly because this type of ribbing does not occur like this.

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I got another story for you, if you're so willing. It's a short one, so it should go real fast.

Sent you the pm.

2434945 That's what I meant. I've had people say they didn't like such-and-such, and so I ask them what the source of the issue was. Helps me determine whether it's my fault or they just didn't understand. Then I go from there with them and give them an example of the corrected section.


I only occasionally throw in actual writing tips, but I'll try to think of strategies that will improve parts I don't like, if I don't like something about the story.

The reviews are mostly meant as another perspective that will provide you insight into what a reader might be thinking while reading your story. Mostly I leave it up to the authors to extrapolate how to improve from there.

2434942 I did read, which is why I asked.

I don't fully know your range of judgment, so yes. It is a genuine fear of mine, and I'm honest with this thought. That being said, if I get both positives and negatives, that will certainly help me improve my writing style.

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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