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hi I'm pinkie and I'm trans! hence the name. no writing here just reading and a LOT of crying

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I just try to be helpful where I can :twilightblush: And lol yeah, that sounds familiar. Once I discovered ponies it pretty much consumed my other interests :derpytongue2:

Quick tip, when replying to a comment, the person you're replying to will only get notified if you hit the reply button in the top right corner of the comment (Looks like this >>). I thought to check back because a lot of new members don't know this, but otherwise I never would've known you replied :ajsmug:

omfg you're so kind, thank you so so much!! ???? I wasn't expecting a welcome like this especially from someone as talented as you! :pinkiesmile: I only got into mlp recently but it rapidly took over my life to the point where my adhd ass is incapable of thinking abt anything else haha

Howdy, and welcome to Fimfiction! Or, if you've been around the site for a while and are just now making an account, congratulations on officially joining the Cool Kids™ :rainbowdetermined2:

That's a lie, there are no cool kids here, only horse nerds

Hope you enjoy your time on this site, and if you have any questions about site features and what not, please don't hesitate to ask :raritywink:

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