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Trying to remember a stories name · 12:37am January 15th

So I'm racking my brain on this basically this human goes camping in woods and ends up in equestria. The mother is from equestria an has other children an while son is over in equestria he begins to turn into a pony while in the human world mom an kids are turning as well. There also on a army base of some sorts. An idea what the name is I can find it.

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Random shipping question · 8:27pm Apr 11th, 2019

So I was listening to a fimfic today an I was wondering does anyone out there know of a rainbow dash an big mac romance story? Where there the main characters?

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Hopefully soon?maybe. · 11:17pm Mar 18th, 2019

So I have been throwing my mind at the pages for a while now an i have decided to let you all know I am gonna give it a go a writing a fimfic I already have somewhere around 60 ish pages but still coming up with a legit prologue il keep every pony posted :pinkiehappy:

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Spike · 12:00am Mar 7th, 2019

If spike has the ability to send letters and what not even other points via dragon fire (as I have read through various stories) couldnt he technically have the ability to send himself?:moustache: just an odd thought

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