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"Welcome to the world of Illogic. To enter, you will need to sacrifice your sanity. It is a megre sacrifice compared to what awaits you. So go on. Try it."
Upon reaching adulthood, everypony is faced with a choice: Live in a world of sensibility and order, where ponies are protected and treated equally, or submit their minds and enter Illogika; a world where nothing is as it seems and everypony must fight for themselves. It's not as bad as it sounds. After all, nopony ever gets a chance to feel such excitement and happiness in any other place.
Which would you choose?

Teen for language and themes, mild violence.

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Aurora Aura is the fifth pony in the line of Faithful Students since Twilight Sparkle revolutionised Equestria. Ponies have a freedom, the kind they've never had before.

And it's tearing them apart.

Rated teen for infrequent language and mild themes. Please leave a comment, you know it's what I live for! NOTE: I'm also working on new cover art. This time it will be by me!

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There are many ponies in Equestria. Some, most even, lead happy lives away from pain and suffering. But there are the few that just can't seem to keep a grasp on their hopes, dreams, money or even sanity. Where do these ponies turn when there is nopony left to help them?

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Pinkamena Diane Pie never saw the sonic rainboom. It was a simple reason really, but one that changed her life forever. What would have unfolded that very day, had she not had a clear view of the sky when Rainbow Dash exploded the sky?

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A one shot
That I wrote
About Rainbow Dash
And the first time she did a Sonic Rainboom.
Tagged adventure because ask Rainbow Dash, she'll tell you it was.

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A fic I first intended to be a one shot, but will end up being one of my longest. It's just me venting my frustration at homophobes, in Equestria. It's basically about how Lyra and Bon Bon come out of the closet, receive much hate, and go on a quest for equality!
Rated teen for swearing, sexual references, mild violence, mild drug use.
I was going to do my own cover art, but Lyra is stupidly hard to draw.

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What actually happened when Nightmare Moon was banished a thousand years ago? This is the tale of Celestia's quest to gather the original elements of harmony, and rise up against what was her sister. But it can never be that simple. What if the ponies involved are pushed to their limits? What if they don't even want to help Celestia?
What if Celestia gets them killed?
Rated teen for gore and torture. Note: While this is listed as 'complete' I will be doing some more editing.
The romance is extremely mild, and there is no clop or anything of the like.

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