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I love crossovers, but I have a few unusual interests few others do. Also, Rainbow Dash is awesome and Fluttershy is cute. And I really love Sunset Shimmer.


Deleted one of my groups · 1:45am May 26th

You probably didn't notice on account of not many users or much activity on there but I deleted my "Deaths of Villains" group. Even though there were five other members there:

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Weighing Seasons 7-9 · 9:31pm March 24th

I am thinking about ignoring Seasons 8 and 9 of MLP: FiM. Which would also compel me to ignore Season 7, and To Where and Back Again, so I can say Chrysalis fell to her doom (which seems to have been the initial intention given the show was meant to end at Season 3), and go by my damnation headcanon for Tirek that the dead of Tartarus are trapped in cages on a different plane of existence than the living of Tartarus. But I would keep The Perfect Pear and the movie.

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A message to anyone on here who's either friends with me or is interested in it · 6:23am Aug 17th, 2020

(Not sure if anyone will read this but I'll try it anyway)

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In memory of DragonGeek · 9:47pm Jan 5th, 2020

I don't know what happened and whether she lost interest in MLP and left the site without a word or something else, but let's take a moment to remember one of the most likeable members of this community, DragonGeek.

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What happened to DragonGeek? · 5:48am Nov 29th, 2019

DragonGeek, one of my closest friends on this site, hasn't been on since September 29th. She's not the type to just leave for so long without saying why, and I'm really worried something horrible might have happened to her. Does anyone know anything about this?

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Does anyone here play Breath of the Wild? · 9:05pm Jul 20th, 2019

I know this isn't about MLP, but hear me out. (Plus I didn't see anything in the rules forbidding this)

They shut down the Zeldapedia, which is part of Fandom, and redirected everypony over to Zelda Wiki, which isn't part of Fandom and I don't have an account there. Also I think GameTalk X.0 got rid of their game forums.

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Are these Season 9 leaks true? · 6:12am Sep 11th, 2018

They said no links to the leaked stuff but we can discuss it, though it would probably be better to put any details of the leaks in spoiler tags.

So, I heard some very startling rumors about Season 9, which I haven't been able to back up, but some of them sound pretty sure, though someone else said the part I feared was just a "nasty rumor" and it might have been a bunch of wishful theories pretending to be leaks in the wake of the legit leaks for Season 8.

So, from what I heard...

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I'm torn about Season 8... · 9:17pm Apr 7th, 2018

On one hoof, the premier wasn't bad, and I really liked Silverstream and Ocellus.

On the other hoof, The Maud Couple wasn't that fun for me, and I heard Fake It Til You Make It was poorly written, reusing the Season 2 concept of Fluttershy turning mean when she has made major progress since then.

On that note, I saw a few of the leaked episodes, which I'll put in spoilered text:

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Does anyone want to be friends with me? · 12:31am Jan 22nd, 2018

So far all my friends on this site have vanished without a trace. Well, there is one who sends messages every once and a while so I can expect her to reappear, but the others are just gone and not responding to my PM's. I don't know if they got tired of me or if something happened to them or what but it's lonely without them.

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New group · 11:05pm Nov 28th, 2017

Not many people have joined my new group, so I thought I'd promote it.

It's for people who have an interest in villain deaths, if there is anyone else besides me and the other person who joined it.

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