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I love crossovers, but I have a few unusual interests few others do. Also, Rainbow Dash is awesome and Fluttershy is cute. And I really love Sunset Shimmer.

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What happened to DragonGeek? · 5:48am November 29th

DragonGeek, one of my closest friends on this site, hasn't been on since September 29th. She's not the type to just leave for so long without saying why, and I'm really worried something horrible might have happened to her. Does anyone know anything about this?

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Yeah... ^^'

Be sure to read my other transformations stories when you get the chance. :raritywink:

Oh. That tag's misleading then. Then I'll check it out.

Let me just be clear with you: There's no actual sex involved in my transformation stories. It's just me changing genders. Heck back when I created my first story, it wouldn't allow the E Rating because of a missing tag.

I don't know if I want to read a story tagged "Sex". But I'd be up for reading some clean transformation stories if you have any of those.

TThen one Foggy Christmas Eve...
She doesn't have a shiny nose!
JimmyHook19 · 1k words  ·  10  10 · 141 views

New transformation story. :raritywink:

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