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Wings of vallor.


Slight problem · 1:51am Jul 31st, 2020

Okay, so I did post it and it turns out that I messed up on the 1st chapter, so it wasn't approved. If anyone is willing to help me speed it up so that it can be posted sooner, send me a message and I'll explain the story plot and how you can help me get it done. I'll add the person who helps me as a co-author and my sincere appreciation for the help.

If not, then I understand.

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Good news! · 5:41am Jul 3rd, 2020

I'm back! and my first story has been posted and to add even more info I've decided to create one about Sunset excepting a job in Japan at GGG from the TV show Gaogaigar, I believe i can pull it off with the episodes available so stay tuned!

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Bad news. · 7:46pm Feb 6th, 2018

Sorry everyone, I was typing up the chapters for the story and an something even I don't know how happened and all of the chapters and other things related to the story became corrupt. I can't remember what I had written, and because of that I'm going to put the story on the back burner for now until I think I can rewrite what was lost.

However I do have a back up story plot written up in case of emergency, so I'll have to use that until I get back to my original idea.

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My plan and a challenge. · 8:26am Dec 23rd, 2017

I will still be writing the story, but I start posting when I have written all fifteen to sixteen chapters of it.

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I'm so, so sorry guys. · 6:54am Dec 1st, 2017

I'm so sorry everyone for the delay, been having five relatives passed away, and having to put up with my drama queen of a cousin. But don't worry, I'm back in the game and I'm hard at work to get the chapters done. And also if anyone is interested they're very much more than welcome to help me with the writing, if you do I will put your account name as a co-author for helping me speed up the process. Right now I'm finishing up writing down the character descriptions, however I'm not very good

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Vote has been decided. · 3:10am Jun 25th, 2017

Okay, only three voters have been made known, and so it will be a Crossover with Gundam build fighters. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to let me know and I will respond to them.

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I need some advice · 3:41am May 8th, 2017

Hello, I am new to this website and I'm struggling with which one of the three ideas I should do, here's the list of ideas.

1. MLP x Gundam build fighters.
2. MLP x Gundam build fighters try OC.
3. MLP x Gundam build fighters (try) OC displaced, in another universe with on MLP character.

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