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With the help of some whining complaining, a burning crepe, and eyeliner, Rarity convinces Twilight to switch places with her for a while so she can catapult herself onto the royal scene. She discovers that the royal life isn't exactly what she wanted, meanwhile Twilight enjoys her new body a bit more than expected.

Spike, unaware of the swap, decides to make a move on "Rarity". Whelp.

Rated SSS Teen for Sloppy Surrealism, Subtle Sexual innuendo, Some Swapping Shenanigans, Smoking Stallions, Schizophrenic Style, and Singing.

Not a trollfic, just a romantic comedy cowritten with the ghost of David Foster Wallace and edited by my medicine cabinet.

Footnotes are entirely optional if you hate fun.

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Twilight loves Celestia, and has conquered every obstacle between them. There's just one problem - Celestia only has eyes for her one true love - cake. So Twilight does what anypony in her position would do. No, not move on - she’s going to turn herself into a cake! What’s the worst that could happen?

Reading by the Plounge!

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Important note: I claim all creative rights to all characters in this work and deny any and all royalties. Furthermore, resemblance of any character in this story to real life persons(especially Ron Paul), living, or dead is fully intentional and intended as a factual statement. Finally, I accept all liability for any incidents incurred while reading this fic, including, but not limited to, nausea, kuru, temporary insanity, death, and stubbed toes.

That aside, this is a collection of short fics that I've written just for the hell of it. These fics are highly experimental - expect bizarre tenses, fanon, atypical writing styles, multiple narrators and more! Don't read if your mind is allergic to screws - the topics range from the sonic rainboom as a metaphor for FlutterDash, to a second person fic starring three metaphysical entities and even normal stuff, like a prequel to "A Canterlot Wedding" (spoiler: Chrysalis disguises herself as Cadence).

I'm also accepting requests, with the goal of writing at least one prompt a day - feel free to drop suggestions in the comments. As long as it's short, interesting and MLP related, I'll give it a shot!

The fics(bold for pride):
Pressure [Light Shipping] - FlutterDash, with the relationship written as a metaphor for a sonic rainboom. A little alcohol is involved.
Chrysalis' Break - A prequel for the events in "A Canterlot Wedding", written from Chrysalis' and Cadence's points of view.
Forgiveness - Celestia has forgiven Luna, but she needs some help to forgive herself...
Equestria Noir - Twilight Sparkle tries to write a detective novel based on her own life. Too bad it's not the thirties.
Rainbow Dash and the MacGuffin [Random] - I'm so meta, even this acronym. A meta trollfic disguised as a pirate story.
How You Met My Mother [SURREAL SHIPPING] - Second person, you(as Twilight Sparkle's magic) x Pinkie Sense. The narrator is your smug son.
Author's Notes - Prompts, background, etc.
Boone In Equestria [Trollfic] - so yea i was sleep deprived and had a deadline
Ron Paul and the Elements of Tyranny [political troll satire] - It's been four years since President Obama banished Ron Paul to the moon - soon he will return to ensure that Freedom™ lasts forever! Twilight Sparkle and her friends must stop him using the Elements of Tyranny before The Fed™ is destroyed! Faced against the power of the Invisible Hand and unbound delegates, the protagonists must fight to keep the status quo! Will they succeed? Too cool for a standalone story!
MLP: REPRUCASSIONS OF EVAL - I squat 85 pounds, and everypony walks the dinosaur!

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