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Haha yes it’s Grif from Red vs Blue. He’s always been my favorite and I use him as my profile picture everywhere. It’s cool that you recognized it on Fimfiction I didn’t expect that to happen. Also, your story had me cracking up constantly, I loved it.

So, I'm gonna run with the assumption that your profile picture is of Grif from 'Red vs Blue' if that is not the case please feel free to disregard most of this text.

WOW!! Someone with the profile pic of Grif from Red vs Blue favourited my fic?

Well that has come full circle; as Grif is the first fan fic character (RVB is basically fan fic, -fight me- ) that I remembered the name of. Due to me getting into the series late and after the popularity of the halo 3 game type Grifball.

What a jolly coincidence that you would favourite my strange fan fic.

Oh, and thanks BTW.

Thanks for the fave.

Thanks for favoriting Drunk Love! May I ask what you liked about it?

Thanks for the fav!!

  • Viewing 8 - 12 of 12
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