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A random encounter is a feature commonly used in various role-playing games whereby encounters with non-player character (NPC) enemies or other dangers occur sporadically and at random. -Wikipedia

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I've moved out!!! · 7:28pm Last Friday

Hey everybody!

So, as you can see, or not see to be more acurrate, EVERYTHING HAVE BEEN MOVED TO MY OLD/ ORIGINAL ACCOUNT (the one I used to read)

"That is the dumbest shit you have ever done in your entire life '-_-" - Random Person

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My Main Quest

[ ] Bring new and interesting themes and ideas to the Fallout: Equestria genre, but respecting the original work.

[ ] (Optional) Better myself as a writer and contribute to the community so that others can better themselves as well.


Wasteland Legends!

  • Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes Fallout Equestria side story - A young filly begins her adventure looking for her mother. by mimezinga 134,575 words · 44,261 views · 2,649 likes · 67 dislikes
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Thanks for the fav.

Yeah, I suppose so. I've never liked so many stories to where I've gotten an error, so I had no idea that was a thing.

aparently so :rainbowlaugh:

probably to prevent bots i guess?

That's a thing?

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