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Operation Shameless Self-Promotion is GO! · 6:35am Sep 20th, 2012

So while I was chatting with Tayman this evening as I often do of late, and I happened to noticed that the number three feature box entry was a...less than stellarly written Spike x Applebloom clopfic. Generic, full of cliche, desperately calling out for either an editor or an incinerator? You know how it is.

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Collaboration Voltron GO! · 1:01am Sep 19th, 2012

So I picked up off bookplayer's blog that someone called Peregrine Caged was setting up a grand collaboration to write snapshots of some forty characters...and being interested (and seeing a chance to shamelessly up my exposure), I finagled my way through setting up googledocs...and now I'm in on it too!

I went and wrote Cheerilee, because I have experience as a teacher* myself.

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It's that time again! · 12:02am Sep 18th, 2012

The next chapter of The View From The Window is being sent out for proofreading, to be posted in only a few hours! Ideally, in only one or two. But who knows, I may have forgotten entirely how to write and need to scrap the whole thing (let's hope not).

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Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! · 10:04pm Sep 14th, 2012

I actually have a published story! Now I'm a real boy author!

Thanks to those who read, let alone commented, let alone favorited The View From The Window. The first chapter proper was just recently finished, and pending a look-over by my pre-reader, will be posted promptly (ideally in only a few hours).

I'll just get this out of the way now, though:


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And Scene: · 1:03am Aug 28th, 2012

(Because so many people will obviously read this.)

So I'm chatting with Tayman, and staging scenes comes up, so I say give me a short prompt...shenanigans ensue.

Prompt: Twilight reassures a dying Rainbow Dash.

Twilight knelt at her side, running a hoof slowly through the tussled, dirty rainbow mane, her weak smile trying desperately not to break.

"It's alright now, Rainbow. It's...it's over."

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