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Hi i am go to make my page and story good to read them ok.


hi i am back · 10:45am Aug 30th, 2018

Hi there sorry about the three years I was a way but my lubtip way being so bad to me but now I am back

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sorry · 3:17pm Jun 15th, 2017

I am so sorry about this I have to much going on right now in my mind like my story's I like to do but I can't get one thing so yay sorry

but right no story ok thank you matt.

But I have a new computer yay for me

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I start working on some of my story · 10:45pm Jun 24th, 2015

Matt here saying I am working on my story's so look for it and I need someone to look at it and antic of me ok.

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I have a computer and looking for a poof-reader · 4:20pm Jun 11th, 2015

Hi matt here with good new I have a new Computer so I can work on my story and I am looking for a poof-reading I am

ask this because my spelling is bad and my grammar is bad two so if you like to help me out pm me ok.

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sorry i had no comp ok · 10:37pm Jan 12th, 2015

Icompett here saying this I am back with a new comper so if you like to right my story's tell me OK.

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looking for a proof-read for my storys please · 4:05am Oct 19th, 2013

Hi there Matt here saying this please help me out here i am looking for a proof-read for my story's i do have a edit name is Awessoomebronypony

so ya gammer is ok but not for here if you what to help me out pm me ok ?

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OK it time to HERO up · 10:22pm Aug 21st, 2013

Hi Matt here saying i have a new title of my story name was Pony League but now it will be Call The Equestria super HERO squad because of the new

cast i am using of this story and before you say a thing look i know that my Gammer is bad but i am trending my best here ok.

Bey blade go into Equestria Will not be my first story ok i will put up ok and it will have Anthro ponies and more if you know what i mean ok.

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I what t say · 12:06pm Aug 9th, 2013

Hi there Matt here saying this ponies with Pokemon i mine not wright that one because i don,t have a idea for that story sorry if you are look for that ok but do not fear a new story will be in it place name no idea of now so ya look out for Beybade go into Equestria i hope it will be soon.

Next two story or Pony League and Friendship is magic Goku and superman the unlimited team up save Equestria

After that i don,t know sso ya sorry about Ponies with Pokemon ok.

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hi · 7:17pm Jul 24th, 2013

Matt here saying this Pokemon with Ponies will be on hold if you like i can work on a differ story if you like me two intell i can get a idea of my story so here is what i will do for now i will work on my others storys of now ok.

The frist story will be Beyblade go into Equestria then next i do not know so please tell me ok

1 Pony League
2 Friendshipe is magic Goku and Superman the Unlimited up save Equestria

Please tell me what story you like next ok.

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i do know what to do? · 1:13pm Jul 15th, 2013

Hi there matt here saying this Ponies with Pokemon story will be on hold of now because i do not know what to put next in my story so ya pleases do not be mad at me because of this ok.

After Ponies with pokemon with story do you like to see vote ok.

1. Pony league

2. Beyblade go into Equestria

3. Goku and Superman the Unlimited team up save Equestria

please vote ok

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