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Preacher of a new religion, future author; Use of this site will help me get out ideas I don't need. Currently working on a book concerning the apocolypse. Will cut down people who insult others. Ciao

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  • 5 weeks
    Granitecon 2018

    Went to Granitecon this week. I got two cool commissions of Sunset Shimmer and Tempest Shadow done by Scotty Arsenault: Link

    Ahhh.....Good times.

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  • 35 weeks
    Rise of the Dark Kin: Soundtrack - Song 1

    Hey, everypony! I've decided to create a soundtrack for my new tale MLP: Rise of the Dark Kin. To start off:

    Song 1:

    (Flaming Red Hair belongs to LOTR)

    Please support the story with your comments.

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This year's best pony EVER!!

The toughest, doesn't-give-shit pony ever (in my opinion).

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My blessing to all adventerous readers

Translation: May Harmony light thy path.

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Okay, let me know when you update me when you can get time.


There are more ideas to the I’d like to add, but I’ll update you when I can get time.

Okay, I am guessing that the first memories of the first chaos demon is Applejack, Jason’s wife and Apple Rose’s mother, follow by the five of the chaos lords.

Indeed, at least the stories called CMC 10k - United Against Darkness

I will keep that in mind and let mitchboy know.

One last note: humans came to Equestria from a post-apocalyptic version of our world, making peace with the ponies there. The war tore much of their population apart. Jason is one of the last, with a power that could that could turn the tide of war.

This is meant to be an adventure story with some dark parts

  • Viewing 85 - 89 of 89
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