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Resident Moron

I don't care much for canon...after all it's called FANfiction, not DEVELOPERfiction. (Side note: I rarely, if ever, use canon facts...but when I do, I make sure to make them 100% hecked)


I is has discord · 1:34am January 27th

Yes, yes I has discord. It is The Varn Crusader #1356...I have inherited it from a friend who no longer uses it...so muhahahaha!

P.s. Yes, I changed everything for it

P.p.s. No I didn’t actually inherit it, I just had it and forgot about it till today.

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List of things I want to do, or already do here

What I do here already:

I edit stuff.
I comment a lot.
I act crazy.

What I want to do here:

Write a Story.
Collab (I think thats how to say it) With another writer to make a story with mine, and their characters.
Figure out how Pinkie Pie works He'll never figure it out!

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Thank you for the watch

We all have to start somewhere :pinkiehappy:
Now I'm no writer or something like that, but I know that you're not "bad" (bad being a word I just can't see as being any good to anyone)
you're great!
Yeah you could improve, but then again, we could all improve, and we always will :pinkiehappy:

So keep at it, and someday you will be one great writer, I just know it :twilightsmile:


And thank you for taking the time to read my (really really badly written) story.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to write to me :twilightsmile:
And also thanks for following little ol' me :twilightblush:

Keep rockin' on


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