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Just to explain, my account name refers to the fact that I've been a fan of My Little Pony since the 1990s. I especially enjoy the original series as well as My Little Pony Tales.

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Excuse me, have you seen the 13th chapter?,


I'm about to write the 14th chapter, when I read the comments. If you've seen the comments, someone was a bit too angry at my direction, particularly my direction to the Test sisters. Don't get me wrong, he made some positive points. It's just the comments made me doubt myself and the story. It's due to my mental health problems, that made me think about it negativity.

So, tell me...what is your honest opinion on the recent chapter?

As for the Luminous 7 (a group of my OCs), I want to expand their lore with a separate story with backstories and a fight for justice against evil.

The story you might be looking for is called Integration : https://www.fimfiction.net/story/309780/integration
Here are a few things to clear up:
Twilight has the challenge with the suitor when human-Flash is not around.
Flash's family does not visit Equestria, but Twilight does have dinner at his house with them.
Flash is simply Twilight's boyfriend/coltfriend. She gives him a journal like the one that Sunset has.

I didn't know where else to put this, but I need help locating a story. I've been wanting to read it again and have been considering favoriting it. I don't remember the title and searching via various tags hasn't helped, but it basically has these details:

Human Flash Sentry is Twilight's prince consort or fiance or something similar, and he and his parents and little sister (if I remember right) often visit Equestria. Apparently the human world and Equestria are more-or-less aware of each other in this story.

At one point at least one stallion shows up challenging Flash's right to be engaged to Twilight, so Twilight uses this 'princess challenge' or whatever it's called to get rid of the stallion. Basically the rules are that the stallion has to best in three trials relating to the different pony species: Earth, Unicorn, and Pegasus. Obviously the stallion fails.

Starlight Glimmer didn't have a change of heart during the time travel incident (this is an alternate universe obviously), so to keep her from making things worse Twilight altered history by adopting Starlight's filly self and taking her back to the present. Twilight also tries to locate Sunburst, only to discover that he vanished from the school via some sort of explosion. During the story Twilight's going through the conflict of confessing to Starlight the truth about why she adopted her and what happened to Sunburst.

Said explosion turned out to be an experimental portal this facility was working on, with human Starlight Glimmer working for them. Rather than getting killed Sunburst was simply zapped into the human world and I think was still in colt form. The facility also had captured the Dazzlings/Sirens for experiments, but if I remember right at least one of them was able to later escape. I think the facility was trying to figure out how to weaponize or at least control magic for their own purposes.

Thanks for the fav!

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