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Hey FlutterDash is my favorite ship and Rarity is best pony. I mostly write fluffy ship fics. Also I'm a dude. Every now and then I'll write something darker or more intimate, but still mostly fluff.

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Huh, Evictus blocked me, ummm okay...(ignore not even a rant) · 5:51pm 4 hours ago

This isn't even a rant. I just think it's funny that Evictus blocked me.

So Evictus is a user that publishes really crappy stories. Both in terms of grmmar and story telling. They're bad. But hes has like 150 followers.

Also several people have offered to edit for him in the past. Even The Abyss offered Evictus some advice.

But no matter what his stories never improve.

I like them. They're the type of stories where they're so bad it's funny. Give them a read if you can.

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