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Brock Lesnar

Small time writer. Im off and on alot. sorry!


The Elements of Harmony have just turned Discord back to stone, and everything is back to normal. But is it really the job of the Element of Kindness to do that? Can Fluttershy really go on like nothing happened? If not what can she do about it?

hope y'all like!! ^^

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to A Returning Discord

After the whole, "You'll get to have a day in my prison. It might just re-evaluate your opinions." thing was over, Discord and his new prank buddies are having loads for fun! But what awaits Discord in the near future?

This takes place a few weeks after 'A Returning Discord '. You should read the first story before this.
P.S. Pinkie murders the fourth wall! lol

Chapters (6)

Discord breaks free of his stone prison, and decides to show the Mane 6 just what his prison was like. And give them a taste of what he went through!

There will be more if this story does good.

Chapters (1)
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