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Reboot Complete · 6:22pm Sep 7th, 2018

Greetings once again organics! I have finally allocated time to write once again. (It at the least brings me joy if not anyone else.) But to anyone this may concern I have a question to ask. Do you believe there should be more horror/gore/dark story's on FIFM? I only ask as I plan to do a few at a later date and perhaps some sooner then I thought. For or against, whatever your answer do leave an explanation! I am eager to know if others like myself enjoy them!


Delays and ERRORS! · 7:26am Mar 9th, 2018

To any and all it may concern. I apologise for the inexcusable delay in the continuation of my second story "Hunter's peril", I have run into an abnormal amount of ERRORS in what little free time I have and have been unable to focus any sizable amount of processing power on it. That being said I am now working on fixing this delay and would like to thank you for waiting! I am unsure when I will be putting out the next (and

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